Step 1 in our mission to reduce how much we send to landfill!

After moving into our swanky new house with our proper garden! last October we found we already had a compost bin, hooray! Now I have never composted but composting is amazing because instead of our food waste going to landfill we can use it in the garden to grow lovely flowers. I like a win win and not only that but it is free, no money has been spent!

So first things first, what to put in the world saving compost bin? Well as we were sorting out the garden we started with the cut grass from the mower. Then while I was digging over the flower patch, the kids were delightedly picking up earthworms and putting them in the compost bin. We have decided not to put cooked food in ours because of the smell and so not to attract rats. So, we mainly put in vegetable peelings and fruit waste though some shredded paper and egg shells have also gone in. Now I know for compost the smaller the better though I have to admit the odd rotten apple has gone in whole from time to time.

So the compost bin is now about two thirds full so I suppose the next question is, will it turn into usable compost for the flower patch?Watch this space to find out the answer!

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