Saving the bugs!

Step 2 – Helping wildlife.

Wild corner

In order to do our bit to save the bugs and the bees we are leaving a corner of the garden to nature (did I mention we have a super dooper new house with a proper garden with actual grass!!) The kids built a bug hotel with some old bricks and pieces of plywood that were handily lying round the garden when we moved in. I’ve left the grass to grow up and the dandelions alone. We placed the bug hotel next to the flower patch and on the other side have planted some bee friendly seeds, thank you very much 38 degrees! Now I have to admit that my fingers are really not that green and mostly I can only get things to grow from bulbs but fingers crossed the seeds will grow!

Now the garden already seems pretty popular with the bugs. You can’t kick over a clod of earth without disturbing a worm or two, there are woodlice and slugs and greenfly and spiders, a couple of caterpillars have been spotted and butterflies and bees are buzzing around the daisies. So it’s all looking hopeful out there. We have rummaged out a nature spotter’s guide so the kids can try and identify the bugs we see. We think we spotted a Red-tailed bumblebee yesterday though the highlight has certainly been watching a spider rush out and wrap up and consume an unfortunate fly!

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